food trends of the week # 4

... in the meantime, the Christmas wave is steadily getting around Prague with pine trees, more lights in the trees on Wenceslas Square and the big shiny, although crowded, thing called Christmas markets (there is one big at the Old Town Square and few other ones around town). This calls for a report of my new past-week's foodie addictions...

Roasted chestnuts

... are a thing of autumn and winter - Prague Christmas markets overflow with stands for roasted chestnuts. One has to be crazy not to take advantage of that... and believe me it's a delight. Of course, these can be prepared at home, too... there is something very nostalgic, however, about getting them from the market and then walking the lighted Prague streets... ever felt like in a movie? oh, yeah :)

  broccoli/mushrooms/Niva cheese

Honestly people that don't eat broccoli or mushrooms (or even worse - both) are missing one of life's great joys. These vegetables in combination make it special, healthy, low-calorie and delicious meal at the same time. This week I prepared risotto with them, adding my ever favourite Niva cheese (I just can't seem to stop talking about it). But also I have had these ingredients as main components of a creme of broccoli soup (on the picture)... not enough to say it was a delightful soup... 

Fruits, tea, flavours

I am slowly turning into a tea maniac.. and when you think about it I did not even like tea several years ago (actually the story of how I got into tea is that in the Netherlands they serve it with a cookie, so I started taking it yes... because the cookies got the secret). So this week I bought the following flavours:
- strawberries and cream
- lemons & grapefruits
- cherries in yoghurt
- raspberry and blackberry in vanilla
all from Pickwick
... and they all smell divine!

cocoa meets coconut

These are (and I am not kidding) the most addictive cocoa/coconut small biscuits I have ever tasted. They look innocent with their tiny size and lure you into taking one... then into taking 47 more... as I write this, my half-eaten box is looking at me and.... will I resist? the answer is a simple NO :D Anyone in the CZ knows what I am talking about (my friend Alex knows these little devils as well :P)


  1. That first photo is magical! Prague must be looking pretty cute right now. :P

  2. ah thanks shush :) yes it's very beautiful, but it's crazy bananas full of ppl! me no like that...

  3. Oohh those coconut biscuits sound glorious! I wonder if they sell them in england O_O!

    I'm so envious you live in Prague! I visited there this summer and it's truly a gorgeous city <3 it's even prettier at christmas! xxx


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