world's crunchiest cookies

These are without any doubt world's most indulging crunchy cookies. The recipe is traditional Polish and suggested by my friend D.; we first made them when we had a girly sleepover on Friday night and learned some very essential facts about their preparation: 
 - please do make sure your oven is in order and corresponds to the set degrees
 - if there is something wrong, you can always add a little bit more oatmeals to make the mixture thicker
... so today with renewed powers I overtook the recipe again to discover this crispy magic :)

The cookies of sunflowers' gardens
(makes about 90 cookies)

3 cups all purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 cup fine oatmeals
400g soft butter/margarine 
1 1/2 cups sugar (where you can make 50/50 crystal and brown sugar)
1 tsp vanilla essence/20g vanilla sugar
300g sunflower seeds

1. The sunflower seeds are slightly baked on a pan, but this should be done fairly quickly, since they brown in simply minutes. I divided my 300g in 3 parts, so the baking process could flow easily. Then all of the seeds are put aside to cool off.
2. To form the dough we start by mixing the sugar and soft butter (best with mixer, but if you don't have one also melting the butter and beating together with a whisk is an option). A light smooth cream is the basis to which we add the sunflower seeds, oatmeals. In another bowl the baking powder is mixed with flour; then added to the butter/sunflower seeds/oatmeals bowl. The dough is soft and very, very buttery.
3. We line up baking trays with baking paper and roll the dough into balls the size of a walnut and line them up in the trays with enough space in between (since they will double/triple in size). Then we press their top slightly to flatten them a bit. 
4. Cookies are baked in a pre-heated 175C oven (although I baked mine in gad oven on half the power) for 10-15 mins (again depending on the oven) until the edges are golden brown. Do not try to touch the cookies while warm - they could literally fall apart in your hand, but if you leave them 10mins aside, they get harder and thus start the process of heavenly crunchiness.

also depending on the size of the dough balls, you can end up with something between 90 and 140 cookies.

These crunchy sunflower bites are really easy to prepare and are more taste-rewarding with time. The next day they taste better, even better are they after 3-4 days. Don't leave them around for too long though... but why am I saying this.. I am sure you won't be able to resist them! :) enjoy...


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