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Happy New Year!
This year's festive season for me passed too quickly, since I was working... time for nothing, days blurry, need more sleep... and I failed to report my Christmas cookies project the way I wanted to... luckily this was not the last Christmas ever, so I will share the recipes in January, enough about that... FERRERO...ooooh ;)

They require minimum and basic products! However, they require all your attention, time and patience... which is all worth it because the result is unbelievably rewarding in taste. This recipe turned into my speciality sort of :) For the last two weeks I have prepared them three times, since words spread fast and more and more people showed interest. They were not only a success, they are an award for the senses!!!

Ferrero Rocher

Since they don't look the same, plus I don't want to interfere with copyrights, these could be actually easily called "heavenly bites of chocolate and roasted hazelnuts"....

(makes about 70 balls)

400-450g hazelnuts
280g hazelnut wafers
200-250g Nutella
300g milk chocolate

easy, breezy... 1. Take the raw hazelnut and toast them for 8-20 mins on 180C pre-heated oven, and don't forget to regularly stir them for an even result. When ready put aside and allow to cool down.
2. The wafers are finely chopped and mixed with the Nutella in a bowl in an uniform wafery/chocolatey mixture. Then this needs to be cooled down in the fridge for at least 30-40 mins.
3. In the meantime you can use this time to peel the hazelnuts shells with a tea towel (a good trick indeed). The best and round hazelnuts save for the "hearts" of the Ferreros (save 80 pieces, I assure that you will be tempted to eat some while preparing...). The rest of the hazelnuts chop into really small pieces (now as the proud owner of a chopper machine for the price of 12 EUR I cannot stop enjoying its powers). The milk chocolate is melted in a pot and left aside.
4. The Nutella mixture our of the fridge and we start rolling - one hazelnut in the middle, an enough amount of the mixture around it (since it is sticky, it is useful of you wet your hands with water from time to time to prevent sticking)... then in the chocolate pot for coating and finally dipped in the chopped hazelnut bowl for the final coating (this is the tedious time-consuming process, during which of course you have chocolate all over your face :D)...
5. Once placed on trays covered with either baking paper or aluminium foil, the balls have to be left in a cool place (if you dont have place in the fridge, a cool balcony is also fine) for several hours. All in all its a good idea to keep them in a cool place after that as well :)

Keep them away from... people! :D Since they will eat them far too fast... I am right! Pedro! Andrew, Sonja, Teddy, Iveth, Raquel and boyfriend :),Inma , Lia, Kinga, Alan... and meeee (I was a major contributor in the eating process!) can confirm :)


  1. They really look yummy but I'm not sure I will dare to make these :P Ok ok, maybe one day I will :P

  2. if you take the time, you will be truly rewarded, just don't let yourself eat them all :D

  3. These look absolutely amazing. I've been looking for a dessert like recipe for a while now, I should definitely try out these :) xo

  4. P.S.: Akuma Kanji will defo try and do it, and everybody at her place is gonna eat in a day haha... true story! I know them XD.
    Aaaahhhh if I manage to go to Prague while Im here, you better make a few for me lol.

  5. hahahha, but they will be happy. By the way she just posted something about ferrero on her blog, we all go nuts about that chocolateee! :D


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