food trends of the week # 1

new tradition of the blog - sharing my weekly food trends :) the meantime autumn in Prague is blessed with colours 

I wish I had more time for the activities I want to be actively involved in to compensate for the time I spent inefficiently wasting on the Internet when I come back dead tired from work these days. I am taking over a new position and a new product (which means concentration and active involvement in the training procedure). As a result my food experiences recently do not shine with extra cute yummies (of course I still have some recipes to show you in the upcoming days). However, my days are still filled with food experiences, so I decided to share what is on my mind (in my tummy) these days :)

Ritter Sport Winter Kreation series

As winter time is quickly approaching in Prague - in the evening especially you can smell winter (that specific mixture that reminds of cold air and burnt wood somewhere in a warm house) - I decided it is high time to plunge into the winter chocolate series. Today I had the caramelized almonds chocolate, sooo good, I now have to admit there is nothing left of it!


At work these days we were treated fresh fruit (to increase the capacity of our brain cells). I was greedy enough to attack the small, orange, smiley tangerines that are full of aroma and smell like winter vacation. I remember once when I was small my mom bought me two kilos and I devoured them within one evening - she was amazed, so said one day she would buy me a whole truck to see how much I can eat. Well, i still love them and the fact I kept crawling in the kitchen to get more can only show I am starting my tangerine winter season with a firm statement - I will eat my whole truck this winter!

Gossip lunches

Lunch is the best part of the work day and with several girls from work we established the habit of getting together and talking about random stuff, it is the break much needed in the middle of the work day and maybe we will turn it into a tradition (hope so), we have another one tomorrow :)

Niva cheese my favourite blue cheese of the Czech Republic - mild in taste (in comparison with other blue cheeses) and low in price (you can find it everywhere, local production, good quality, low price), so it goes in all my dinner salads these days and I have planned a broccoli-mushroom-niva creme soup for the easy Friday dinner!

Czech cooking magazines

No... I don't speak the language. Does this stop me from making inconsiderate purchases of Czech cooking magazines in large quantities? - Not at all! Maybe it will just serve as motivation to start learning... horká čokoláda, oh yes :)

* I do not own most of the pictures (only the first one is mine), rest is randomly take from Google images


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