food trends of the week # 2

unbelievably another week passed at work (and the weekend too, but that usually passes like a blink, so it does not count :D) and here is another sequence of my foodie addictions of the week :)

Panini bagels

Paneria is quite famous in the Czech Republic - they sell some treat for everyone - paninis, salads, cakes, muffins, Czech pastry and much more... most importantly, they do it fast (since my lunch break is only 30mins and I have to run to manage everything... lazy me has no time to prepare lunch in advance these days). One of my favourite things is the panini bagel in two versions - "a la caprese" or chicken/smoked cheese/smokey bbq sauce. yummy!

Brazil nuts

I am totally and utterly addicted to these tasty nuts - I don't know what their magic is, but the moment I bite from one piece, I want another one. I wonder why did I buy a pack of mixed nuts, when all the time I am just taking the brazil nuts out? :D and the fact I have heard it's not good to eat a great amount of them, makes me desire a mouthfull of brazil nuts... who says I can't?

Apricot tea

The Czechs, I believe, are a nation with great apricots consumption pattern - they have them in impossible variations and can easily be found everywhere in the shops (fresh, dried, yoghurt, jam, tea, in pastries...). My latest discovery  - apricot tea, which gives me a kick in the morning when I arrive at work and its aroma gives me the power to smile and go through the day not quickly, but at least more easily. I am about to finish my pack in less than a month (which usually never happens with me). So this one is good :)

Friends & dinners

Last week my roommate and I had a Czech dinner at home - something very special and long-forgotten from their cuisine, which I promise to blog about soon, because it was very light and great in taste. Also yesterday, totally unexpected, me and my friend D. visited a Polish chain of restaurants for steaks - we went over the top with shoarma, fries and crunchy salads, and spinach with blue cheese, great friendly talks and a tea to warm us up. I love such spontaneous great moments that stick to your memory as smiley moments :)

* I do not own the pictures, they are a random selection of Google images


  1. I had my first bagel when I was in Munich Germany :D OMG LOVVVEEE ITTT, now I know why Americans are so crazy about it lol.

  2. I know what you mean :P like they say - bagel is a doughnut with the sin removed. I got addicted to bagels in the NL and plan to prepare them soon enough by myself :)

  3. I don't think we hav bagels here in Portugal :(.
    HEY HEY, check this out, you know those Facebook fan pages? Well Gplus also has it :D I made mine just now.
    Check it!

    (yeah the link is very freaky lol)

  4. the bagel looks yummy!! (:

  5. Haha, Karenushko, I followz you now, I am everywhere you are :D :*

    the bagel is yummy indeed :)

  6. These have got me feeling hungry! I love brazil nuts too (but I think my favourite are pecan nuts!)


  7. I'm so glad you appreciated my blogging tips by the way, following back :). xo

  8. that bagel sandwich is making my mouth water:)


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