food trends of the week # 3

alright, I have to admit I have been extremely lazy to cook these days - working, social life, doing those little things that make your day smiley have been keeping me away from the oven. But I promise to make up for this real soon with some good recipes. This doesn't mean that I have been keeping my hands off yummy things, though. So here are my latest addictions :)

Pumpkin ravioli 

For a month now, I have been trained for a new position at work and together with 9 other people I am part of the commercial passage team. Last week we were invited for a team building dinner and we went Italian. So I had this very delicious meal of pumpkin-filled ravioli with sauce made of cream, pumpkin, zucchini and  tomatoes... all of this topped with parmesan cheese. And it was an extremely delightful meal! :)

The yummy non-edibles

This week I bought some cosmetics as well - shower gel and body scrub. The shower gel is milk with red berries and the body scrub from Sephora with chocolate toffee aroma (this week in Prague they had a really nice offer - 1+1 free on the Sephora brand, so I decided to take advantage of it). Both things smell so good, I can hardly keep myself from actually eating them.

Thai food

Randomly discovered restaurants are the best! I never expected a great Thai restaurant is hiding right next to an underground stop in Prague. I mean the things that are usually very close to the underground and places for fast food and so I though this restaurant was, until I discovered it is quite unique atmosphere with great plates, fresh tea and very well-sized portions (after eating you are just full enough, but you don't feel heavy). The place itself is called Yam Yam at VyŇ°ehrad station. Definitely the experience is to be repeated this week!

Hello Kitty puffy cakes

Italian small pastry called merendine al cioccolato is the latest thing I discovered while grocery shopping yesterday. The are soft and very light, indulging and puffy :) and the have Hello Kitty gifts inside (I myself got a pencil and an eraser with that kitty's face)... wonder when will I grow up and whether it would eventually happen at all :D until then I am going to proudly sharpen my pencil and bring it to work :P

* I do not own any of the pictures, they are a random selection of Google images


  1. Thai restaurant in the Underground say whaattt? That is so weird lol.
    Oh Shus, in a way you already new about my situation. If BL didn't call me till now, they won't call anymore :/ it really sucks though. and I really want to know if my Uni will still be in contact with BL or not after this. Now I just have to manage my money, and try to visit you in Prague.
    I see that my friend Daniela aka Akuma Kanji, is following you now :) she is also a big fan of cooking hehe.

  2. yes hun I knew, no problem, I get it, it's just that I am really sad I won't be spending time with you, because I really miss you! but we will find a way out of it :* I will try to visit you as well :)
    hehe,yes, I noticed my new follower and I am really grateful :) xoxo


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