shapes,cheese 'n biscuits I think about it (and I better not), there were times I could sit and watch a movie without destroying large amounts of tiny snacks... well since I long ago admitted these times have passed, I at least try to satisfy my false movie hunger with something good as are these cheesy pieces of joy. The recipe is adapted from Our Bower cooking blog.

The shapes of these tiny cheesy bites reminds of the mixture of starry skies with flowery fields and they are so, so smiling&sunny, right? :)

The story starts with cheddar cheese (1 1/2 cups actually), mild in taste, and cold for easy grating. Don't even start me on the topic where you can find proper Cheddar in the CZ - it is hard; luckily I had a strategy and hit the right spot in TESCO ;)

Cheddar Cheese Cuties


1 1/2 cups grated cheddar cheese
3/4 cup fine flour + more for surface
50g butter

...easy enough! So we start by mixing all ingredients in a bowl - it's real fun to smash pieces cheese, flour and butter into crumbs between your hands. Then all the crumbs are put together into a ball and divided into smaller ones - the mixture is smooth and even. For easier treating of the dough later, divide the ball into several smaller ones (mine I did in three). Then we freeze for 30 mins and start rolling one ball at a time over a floured surface until 1/3 cm thick. With cookies cutters the biscuits are formed and put onto baking trays lined with baking paper. 

For sure you would have to roll the leftovers several times, but put them in the fridge again for some time, since this dough has the tendency to be real sticky when not cold enough. The re-re-re-rolling process requires patience, but after all you end up with approx. 200 biscuits (don't get me wrong, but it was still not enough!). Before we bake we can sprinkle red pepper or any other spice for more intense taste (I would like to sprinkle poppy seeds to see how it turns out next time).
Oven is preheated to 180C and the ready trays are put one by one for baking - bake 9-10 mins and keep an eye on them. For me the most fascinating this is how they puffed - I never believed they would rise, but they did just in time to show their chubby nature :) 


  1. This sounds like a nice treat for Christmas :P I will give it a try :) The dough is really to put in the freezer or in the refrigerator?

  2. hey :) actually better if you put in freezer for a while and then in the refrigerator - best is if you have the patience to keep it in the refrigerator for an hour (if not 15mins freezer but in aluminium foil and then 15 more in the fridge in fresh foil) :)

  3. Thank you for the answer. Hopefully I'll try these this weekend! ^__^

  4. I just baked these yummies! They are great!!!! The taste is so good ^__^ It took me a while to find cheddar cheese around here, but I finally did it! ^__^ I'll be post it soon on my blog, credits will be given, of course :)


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