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roasted peppers hummus spread

There is something about roasted peppers that reminds me of late summer evenings around the fire - the aroma and taste has the ability to transport you back in another time. That is why I even bought the old school Bulgarian pepper-roasting device called чушкопек/"chushkopek" (literally pepper-roaster), which creates that perfect smoky flavour (thanks to its ceramic walls), which you cannot get from a conventional oven.

At home we love salad of marinated roasted peppers, but to change things up a bit, I created this easy roasted peppers hummus spread, which can be spread on toasts, sandwiches, it can be used on salads as a topping and is overall very tasty!

Roasted Peppers Hummus Spread
INGREDIENTS 100g roasted peppers 80g canned chickpeas + 25ml aquafaba (chickpeas liquid)  4-5 dried tomatoes, chopped 4-5 tbsp fine oats the juice of half a lemon 2-3 tbsp olive oil   1 tsp freshly ground cumin seeds 1 tsp sweet paprika powder salt and pepper to taste some water to smooth the…

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