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Winnie the Pooh movie review

Remember that part of the blog name "Plum's book of tales"? Well, time for that now... And since Winnie is constantly in search for honey, I solemnly decalre the post to be appropriate for the cooking character of the blog too! :) In addition, I helplessly love the cuddly bear (so I couldn't resist to share with you my adventures in the 100-acre wood). As a good kid of 22, I went with Mommy and brought my Winnie plush toy to the cinema (many kiddos were so jealous, hahah). The movie is based on the book, totally moving, absolutely adorable and reminding you of times long gone. The colours are vivid, almost alive and if I take a screenshot of every second of the film, I would love to use it as a poster in my future Winnie-the-Pooh room when I have a huuuge house :D

So, I recommend it to everyone who wants to get a little bit nostalgic and out of this world for 70 minutes + 7 minutes credits. The credits start with real life shots of Christopher Robin's room, where scenes of the movie are repeated and I swear these are such amazing shots I spent the whole day today searching for them, so that I could show them to you now, but I could not find them, which makes me frantically want them even more!!! But I will share with you some extra cute scenes :)

Pooh finds out what is a paragraph

Piglet saves six friends by cutting the rope in six pieces

Eeyore undergoes a contest for a new "tael"

... and me after the movie, happy, happy, happy!

Yes, very happy indeed :)


  1. बहुत अच्छा

  2. he really iiiis, i love him too for so many years now :)

  3. I don't think.... that I ever saw... a Poo's movie lol.


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