the midnight cookie temptation

I just love making stuff for friends! During the weekend I went to visit a friend, who lives on the seaside and combining pleasure with... pleasure, I decided while hiding at mid-day from the incredible heat to make something sweet and chewy and started looking at recipes to gain inspiration, but then the internet stopped... so I had to think of the recipe myself :D One factor I had to keep in mind is that whe you're not in your kitchen almost all appliances for baking are missing, so one has to improvise and the recipe does not require any special baking tools.

Oatmeal choc-chip cookies


1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup fine oatmeals
1 cup brown sugar
3/4 tablespoon baking powder
1 1/2 tablespoons bitter cocoa
1 large egg beaten
60g melted butter
1/2 cup fresh milk
100g chopped chocolated/chocolate chips

The flour and baking powder are mixed in a large bowl together with the oatmeals, 1/2 cup of sugar and the cocoa; then we leave them aside. In a smaller bowl the egg, milk, butter and the rest of the sugar are beaten together until a homogenous cream is formed. Then we add the contents of that smaller bowl to the dry ingredients and we stir - very easily the dough is formed. The chocolate chips is added in the end.

The oven is pre-heated at 175C. Baking trays are lined up with baking paper and with a teaspoon little bowls are taken and put on the paper (I made two trays of 9 and one of 5 cookies, resulting in 23 cookies from one batch). Don't forget to leave space between them, as the baking powder will make them grow. Then bake 15-20 mins, leave 5 mins to cool off and keep them in a tightly closed box (that is of course if they are not eaten within the first hour after baking:)

The result was easy, but very tempting cookies that came in handy at midnight when everyone was hungry, so I baked another batch in the middle of the night and it was greatly appreciated :) Oh, and I bet these would taste great with nuts, especially walnuts, inside!



  2. Yeah, nom nom nomming them like crazy :D


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