nuts about cookies

saturday... cookies... dozens of them... kitchen smelling like oranges... mmm

let's take advantage of the oranges before spring hits with a variety of fresh fruit, then i usually forget the citrus fruits of winter; they remind me of cozy warm afternoons, while in spring I crave a bowl of strawberries, apricots, etc...

these cookies are perfectly decent with milk, tea or just by themselves... fill your mouth with not one, but two of them and feel them melting...

Walnut Orange Cookies

(for around 35 cookies)

125g butter in cubes
rind of half an orange
200g light muscovado sugar
1 egg
225g sifted flour
splash of milk
150g chopped walnuts
The softened butter is beaten together with the orange rind, sugar and the egg in a bowl until a smooth cream is formed. Then 1/3 of the flour is added and combined with the mixture; we continue in 1/3s until all the flour is added. Depending on the consistency of the dough (I thought mine is too stiff) I added a little bit of milk 20-30 ml to soften the dough. Little bowls are formed with the help of a teaspoon and a little bit of flour on your hands... all is topped generously with walnut pieces, or with a hazelnut or a whole almond, you decide :)

Baking trays are lines up with baking paper, oven is pre-heated to 180C; then cookies are baked around 10minutes (so that they are not too dry) in the oven; once taken out, we give them a few minutes to breathe and then set on cooling rack to cool completely.
then we decide who deserves to eat the cookies and of course reward yourself with the most...
they go perfectly with orange juice as well - as an afternoon snack...
once in the cookie jar, don't forget t talk to you cookies - they have feelings too!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :)


  1. sweet blog you have :) these look DELISH! :)

    Georgi at 7wonders

    I'd love if you could visit me :)

  2. Those cookies are making me want to bake....they look so yummy! Thanks for the sweet comment and I'm following you back now!
    May x


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