food trends of the week #7

don't know why and how but these days I feel pretty lazy to organise myself baking; although I have several recipes that remain to be reviewed, today is a lazy day when I will share the foodie addictions I have developed in the past two weeks :)

 The restaurant with the train

Several weeks ago I didn't know this place existed, now my inner child is totally addicted to it. Right in the centre of Prague, a restaurant called Vytopna offers entertainment for kids and grown-ups by delivering the drinks (unfortunately no tea and cocktails) on small trains; rails have been set on every table and if you are lucky enough Thomas the Train will personally deliver your drink :):) The menu is tasty and the main dishes are in the area  of Czech cuisine, but I discovered this genius salad - spinach in yoghurt sauce topped with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese as well as a warm baguette with lemon butter - provides just the perfect lunch :)))
Pom Bears

Remember those times when you were little and you used to eat a Pom bear? the head, one arm, the other arm, one leg, another leg:D... well, if you don't remember I do... and I am re-living this experience quite often these days. A bunch of bears are all I need to make my evening a happy one. Recently, I noticed they are introducing a new flavour on the Czech market - pizza; so in total they have original, cheese, ketchup and pizza flavours.
Bagels and afternoons

I have a thing for bagels and I have been trying to find my perfect match in Prague, since in the Netherlands we had our little place to hide from the world in Bagels&Beans. I had to discover this place in Prague and for now I am giving Bohemia Bagel a chance, they have a variety of bagels and for now I have tried the chicken salad one and my belly was a happy one. There is something in the crunchyness that gets me hooked :) Also the tea selection was great; I chose white tea with vanilla and grapefruit.

Hot chocolate on a stick

Not to forget the desserts, this week in the form of a hot drink. More and more places, even shops offer this handy version of hot chocolate - a block which when put in hot milk nicely melts to give you a nice afternoon getaway in the form f hot chocolate. I first tried it in a cafe in Prague until I discovered that the local Marks&Spencer branch offers them in a pack of two, so I didn't miss the opportunity to load my cupboard with a couple of these delights :)

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  1. AAAHHHH BAGGGGGEEELLLLLLZZZZZ! The other day I ate one over here.... but it kinda sucked :(


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