healthy dinners #1: cauliflower

well it took me long enough time to start this initiative, but since it is always harder to start a process, let's hope this will go smoothly from now on :) truth is when the chocolate monster doesn't reside in me, I try to stick to healthy food - thank you, mommy, for developing the love to vegetables in me from an early age :))

now off to the recipe...
cauliflower in/with/among cheese and some walnuts :) 

(per single portion)

150g cauliflower cut into roses
handful chopped walnuts
25g blue cheese
30g cream cheese dissolved in 30g milk
1/2 tsp basil
30g grated Edam cheese
Cauliflower is lightly steam-cooked (2-3min) to be ready for some more minutes in the oven; we top with the walnuts, blue cheese and pour the cream cheese/milk fluid to form a liquid base... breadcrumbs for crunchyness and of course we don't forget to top this with extra grated cheese mixed with the basil beforehand;

be generous on the cheese...
then bake in a pre-heated at 175C oven for 10-15 minutes until golden :) enjoy while still warm - it is a real feast of the senses (which reminds me of the movie Ratatouille and how the mousey Remi used to combine the tastes and enjoy the fireworks in his mind ;)


  1. Hello Plami, your blog is lovely!
    I was just thinking that if you are really into your healthy food you may like this website/blog as well For quite some time I've been eating only real food, no E numbers, no preservatives, colourings and other chemicals.
    Your cauliflower recipe is brilliant! :)

  2. hey Rosi, thanks so much for the link, I will def check it out and thanks for stopping by here :)

  3. No problem :) I've started a blog but it's still really new. Hopefully I'll be posting more often. Here it is


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