cherish the simple things

.... aaaand I wish I had a picture of cherries for this title, but nope it's strawberries :P

this is just another quick post (you know the moments when everything else seems more appealing than studying)

so I figured it out - if life gives you a challenge cherish a small moment, top it with chocolate and turn it upside down. It will work out somehow... probably... eventually (if I am trying to motivate myself right now?  yes! :))

when I think about it... dip in chocolate absolutely anything that you find at hand; from bottom to top: cornflakes, blueberries, tangerines, raspberries, strawberries

...and when it is all too sweet, keep it fresh with an oranges salad: when life gives you oranges, make a salad :P

let the small things fill your life with smiles and cherish the moments when you have absolutely nothing to do...

happy Wednesday evening :)