World Bread Day/16 Oct 2011

Happy World Bread Day to all! 

I saw that this day is actually intertwined with the initiative "Bake bread for World Bread Day", but since I am moving today, I think this can be quite a challenge, but I promise I will show my respect to bread very soon and bake something bread-like from my wishlist. Still, I decided to commemorate the day with some pictures of bred; just by looking at them I get the desire to break in a bakery and... well, you know :)

* I do not own the pictures, downloaded from Google Images & put together  by me

Personally, I love bread and all bread like products... there is nothing like the smell of fresh bread in the morning or the idea of waking up in Paris and walking straight to the closest boulangerie for a baguette... or a croissant... or brioches... or all of them together! :)


  1. When the bread is fresh, I can even eat it with NOTHING INSIDE lol.

  2. I absolutely agree with that! :) looove warm bread as well, even though my mom says it's not good for the stomach :D


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