the brownie experience

So, here I am in Prague having my first day off work and while enjoying one of the last warm sunny days in the large kitchen of the place I am staying temporarily, I dived into the world of chocolate & baking once again. The recipe is taken from the BBC Good Food magazine, I was reading it on the bus when I travelled to Prague (which was the most amazingly absurd and long trip ever). These brownies are intense, really sweet and sooo delicious, but you basically wouldn't be able to get to a second piece because you will be dead by the chocolate you have already eaten (finally I found a dessert which I wouldn't devastate right away).

Peanut butter Brownies

(cut into 16 pieces)

225g peanut butter
200g dark chocolate (chopped)
280g light brown sugar
3 eggs
100g sifted flour
1 teaspoon baking powder

First we have to put aside 50g of both the chocolate and peanut butter for decoration purposes.

Then in a pot the peanut butter, sugar and chocolate are melted together, stirring until the sugar melts and the mixture is smooth and shiny brown. We take off the fire and add the eggs, one by one, while stirring with a wooden spoon.
In the end we add the flour, stir and put into a baking tray with the approximate size of 20x20 (mine is 26x27) and we line it with baking paper.

The leftover of the peanut butter is melted and we decorate the brownie in a random pattern. Then we bake in a preheated at 180C oven for 25-30 mins until the medium is soft, while the crust is crispy. In the end the leftover chocolate is melted too. The brownie has to be completely cooled before we cut it into 16 pieces (you might as well try to cut it in more pieces - less calories, less intense chocolate taste). 


  1. ~Enjoy the kitchen while you can hey! hehe Looks deliciuos like always :)

  2. Обичам страшно много браунис и като гледам този разкош малко по-горе, се сещам, че отдавна не съм приготвяла.:-))))
    Невероятен е станал! Поздравления и за снимките!
    Поздрави най-сърдечни!


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