coconut... 'nuff said

This is the last of the series of recipes adapted from the BBC Good Food (vol.47) magazine. Today I believe the new issue is out, but since I am not in Bulgaria to buy it and I haven't found a place where they sell it in English in Prague yet, I will rely on their website for a while. Today's recipe is so simple, yet so full of flavour and when I set my eyes on a recipe where coconut is actually used instead of flour, I had to prepare it. The aroma while baking this dessert is delightful and for coconut lovers this is simply the best recipe.

Coconut delight with cherries and white chocolate


200g coconut flakes
85g crystal sugar
2 large eggs (beaten)
4 tbsp milk
200g chopped white chocolate
85g cocktail cherries (cut in halves) 

Easiest way of preparation in just two steps:
1. Coconut flakes, chocolate, sugar, cherries, eggs and milk are mixed together in a big bowl until the ingredients are  spread among the mixture.
2. A baking form (approx 20x30cm, mine is 26x27cm) is lined up with baking paper and the mixture is spread uniformly in it. Then the dessert is baked 20mins at 170C (with the fan on) until golden. Leave to completely cool down before cutting.

and then enjoy!

Obviously I would have preferred to have fresh cherries instead of cocktail ones, so this idea will be left to hibernate through winter and will be awaken in June. Also a good idea for aroma and flavour is to add a little bit of grated lime peel.

Best enjoyed with the afternoon cup of tea