ladybirds and pears with chocolate hearts

Muffins again! But as I shared already, preparing muffins just soothes my soul, there is something magical in the way they rise when put in the oven and then the joy of unwrapping the paper and enjoying life's little pleasures. Plus I had to somehow use the papers from new in/collecting stuff.  Also, these days I have no idea who would eat the majority of the sweets I produce (please don't leave them to me:)), I made a general decision - I will just bring them to work and share with colleagues, one good deed. So, if you happen to be in Prague, you can always let me know if you want to join the group :) These are seasonal muffins with pears, crunchy almonds and a heart of chocolate. I used pieces of  Schogetten chocolate (it is conveniently pre-cut), but you can use any other chocolate :) 

Autumn pear muffins with a heart of chocolate

(makes 12 big muffins)

1 1/2 cup all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup light brown sugar
1 large egg (mine was with 2 egg yolks, yey)
1/3 cup fresh milk
1/2 cup melted butter
1 pear
50-60g chopped almonds
12 chocolate squares

First, we line a muffin tray with muffin papers. Then the well known procedure of preparing muffin batter is followed: dry ingredients are mixed together (flour, baking powder, and part of the sugar), the same is done with the liquids (leftover sugar, butter,milk, egg are beaten into a smooth cream). In the end they are all mixed in a large bowl and finally the chopped pear and almonds are added. All is stirred well. The muffin cups are filled up to 2/3 of the cup and the heart of chocolate is pressed in the centre...

We then bake 20-25 mins in a preheated to 190C oven. Then they are left to cool down and enjoyed with a cup of tea/coffee..whatever and don't forget your good mood :)

Cute ladybirds are cute :)

a tempting breakfast


  1. Отдавна съм се записала да следя този красив и вкусен блог, само че имам неимоверно големи проблеми с Blogger, не ми се изписва листата с блоговете, които следя и това вече втора седмица. Страхотни мъфинки си направила, Плами! Предполагам, че са изключително вкусни и тези дрешки с калинки изглеждат страшно сладурски.:-))) Останаха ми очите в чайничето! Невероятно красиво е! Надявам се да си "гостуваме" взаимно.:-))
    Сърдечни поздрави и пожелания за цветни есенни дни!

  2. О колко сладурско, много ти благодаря Мони за милия коментар, за мен е чест човек с много повече последователи да открие нещо ценно и в моето прохождащо блог изживяване :) Ще си гостуваме разбира се; а това, че блогът ти е и на немски много ме радва, научавам нови думички :):) Много хубави слънчеви дни и на теб и още пухкави есенни рецепти! До скоро :)


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