on new beginnings and winter wonders

wow, August 2012 till January 2013 is one rather lengthy period, but also it involved a lot of life - new flat, new attempt at a Master's degree, new seasons... I can definitely say that time management is a difficult skill if you have to deal with three different lives (I'm Batman!!!). I want to go back to those happy times of me, the oven and some surprise inside... so here I am taking a new step into 2013 with some old agendas (including a raspberry cake), but to get back in the baking mood we need those little details like:

oh yes and also additionally to my addiction to buttons, now we can add my obsession with cute little jars, if someone has an idea what to do with them... go ahead :D

muffins in the role of a girl's best friend
and unconditional love for the ones we love