home-made hot chocolate afternoons

now, I don't know for yours, but my winter has been kinda cold (especially in January), so I am trying to survive - here is one small island of warmth in the freezing ocean: home-made hot chocolate

advantages: it's super easy and rich in taste; I recommend a cup of hot chocolate right now (that is if you are not in Spain right now, of course) and here is how to make it...
hot chocolate home-made style
(for one cup)

1 tbsp cocoa
20 g vanilla sugar
2 tbsp thick cream (33%)
3/4 cup cold milk
40 g cooking chocolate (60% cocoa)
* mix the cocoa, sugar and cream in a small pan and stir with a silicone spatula on low heat to incorporate the mixture and make it smooth and creamy;
* turn up the heat and put the cold milk, heat until it reaches a boiling point and immediately remove from the heat
* use 40 g chopped cooking chocolate and put into the hot mixture to melt, this will add thickness and will immensely enrich the taste of your hot chocolate
you can top with mini marshmallows and small sugar decorations, like these snowflakes :)
and for the rest you can let it snow...

enjoy the weekend! :)


  1. Can people in Portugal make this? HAHA it's kinda cold over here :P

    1. haha yes, i will exceptionally allow it, karenushko :) xoxo

    2. hehe good to know good to know :P


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