forest raspberry cake

everyone who is not on a diet!!! this one is especially for you :)

there is something magical in making a cake... it is a big project and it requires imagination and combination of tastes just the way you (or the one you are making it for) prefer it :) I tend t avoid super heavy cakes (not that we don't loooove chocolate), but is also lighter on the conscience

speaking of which... this raspberry cake is just the perfect harmony of fruits, cream and a touch (ok, more than a touch) of chocolate!
before making a cake, we need planning: meaning that the layers need to be cooled off before being cut and also we need to allow the cake to cool off; i usually make a cake in two days
day 1 - make the layers, decide on a decoration
day 2 - make the cream, put the cake together, cool it off

Raspberry-chocolate-mascarpone cake

(we need lots of them)

for the layers (by Sunshine's kitchen):
180 g sifted fine flour
150 g crystal sugar
125 g dark cane sugar
60 g cocoa
1 1/4 tsp baking soda
1 1/4 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
two medium eggs
120 g white plain yogurt + 25 ml water
75 ml sunflower oil
140 ml hot coffee
* the flour, two types of sugar, cocoa, baking soda, baking powder and salt (the dry ingredients) are mixed well in a large bowl
* the eggs, oil and yogurt (with water) are also mixed and added to the dry ones (in the middle in a well)
* the hot coffee is poured on top, everything is mixed and the result is a smooth and flowy mixture
* pour in a baking ring (I cover the bottom of mine with a ring of baking paper) - depending on the size of the baking ring you will figure out the numbers of layers, mine is 24cm, so I cut in two layers; smaller (20cm) can cut into two layers
* bake in a pre-heated at 180 C oven for 40-45 mins or until a toothpick comes out clean from the centre
* let the layers cool off for at least 3-4 hours and cut
for the cream and decorations:

250 g mascarpone (one package for me from the store nearby)
100 ml thick cream (33%)
5 tbsp powder sugar
some drops vanilla essence
200 g fresh raspberries (or a jar of raspberry jam in winter)
25 g white chocolate chips
25 g dark chocolate chips
50 g hazelnuts + 50 g almonds for decoration
scraped white chocolate pieces
* the mascarpone is beaten with a mixer (add two-three tablespoons milk to make it smoother); don't overbeat - just 1-2 mins to make it smooth
* the cream and vanilla extract and powder sugar are beaten until the cream reaches the state of "cream" :D meaning the peaks can stand on the mixer attachments 
* with a silicone spatula slowly mix the mascarpone and cream (best in 2-3 portions)
* spread the cream on the first layer evenly (here parts of the layer since it is so soft come to get mixed with the cream - this doesn't spoil the taste at all) - save ourself a bit of cream for the sides
* sprinkle the white and dark chocolate chips together with majority of the raspberries (the most pretty ones save for the top - they should be healthy, the softer ones can be put on this layer)
*cover with the second layer
for the chocolate ganache:
200 ml thick cream 
200 g dark cooking chocolate (60%)

* the thing is i always have ganache let so you can decrease the amount
* bring the cream to a boiling point and remove from the heat, put chopped chocolate pieces into the cream to dissolve
* stir until smooth, then let it cool until not so liquid and pour onto the cake
* while still soft decorate with the raspberries and white chocolate scrapings
* decorate with roasted finely chopped hazelnut/almonds mixture
* put in a fridge and after a couple of hours the cake has to be covered to protect from drying out
and I want to dedicate this recipe to Ema, who managed to so patiently wait until i put the recipe online :)

enjoy! cause it is truly a tasty cake :)


  1. OMG it looks delicious as always!

  2. thank youuuuuu, both for making it and for (finally :) ) posting the recipe! i've been drooling ever since i tasted it, haha.
    if you ever open a bakery, let me know in which country so i can move there :D

    1. aw so sweet :) for sure if I open the bakery, you will have a Platinum bananaaa card! :)


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