eatin' easy

One of the things I appreciate most during the summer is the irreplaceable taste of my grandma's tomatoes. I crave that sweet taste full of sun, energy and vitamins all year long (somehow I have never ever tasted good tomatoes outside Bulgaria and the taste of the first tomato for the season cannot be compared to any other joy in the world). The same is valid for the last tomato of the season - all of a sudden you appreciate the taste once again, because you know it's gonna be a long time before you experience it again. With one of the last summer tomatoes I prepared an easy light and healthy salad I will now share with you.

Tomato/broccoli summer salad

per serving

1 medium tomato
a handfull of chopped broccoli 
5 Greek black olives
25g Edam cheese cubes
1 tablesppon olive oil

All ingredients are mixed in a bowl, the salad is seasoned according to taste (I usually don't add salt when there are olives involved). The salad is very fresh and healthy, especially if the tomatoes have been chilled in the fridge beforehand.And I fully enjoyed this bowl of summer taste for lunch :)

Grandma's tomatoes straight from the garden