fruits of summer

I have to admit summer is going away and it struck me as obvious last night when coming back home - there are already leaves fallen on the ground and the wind is somewhat chilly. This, however, cannot ruin my experiences of day, when it's still hot and sunny. So to fully enjoy one of the last summer days, I decided to put my popsicle forms into use (I only used it twice this summer, shame on me!). Fruits of summer are my favourites - full of freshness, colours and aroma, the idea of them keeps me alive through winter to the next summer :)

Peaches, melons and watermelons bring joy to my life! :)

The recipe is extremely easy, but is nonetheless sooo yummy (requires a bit of patience though). To start with we chose fruits and prepare them - no seeds in the watermelon, the rest is chopped into small pieces so the fruits could be easily processed with a luqidizer. Quantity depends on the size of your popsicle form (mine is rather smal and fits up to 6 pieces), so here is what I mixed:

Peach/melon/watermelon ice-cream popsicles
(makes 6 pieces and half a glass of smoothie for drinking :D)


3 tablespoons chopped melon pieces
3 tablespoons chopped watermelon pieces
1 medium peach/nectarine
1 pack (8g) vanilla sugar
3 tablespoons thick cream

All the products are processed with a liquidizer until a smooth cream is formed. Then the forms are filled up (not up to the edge though, as ice will expand a little bit when it freezes). Then these are put in the freezer for at least 6 hours (experience shows you will be rewarded if you manage to keep them for 8 or 10 hours). Now the tricky part for me was taking them out - but if you put the form for quick seconds under warm water it will be easier to take it out, beware not to melt it more than you want). Nevertheless, I still couldn't take out one of the forms (the red one seems to be giving me a hard time, so I will go and fight it right after I finish this post :)

The blue one was my breakfast and this mixture could not be more rewarding!

As summer is going away, I will try to figure out a way how to use this form over winter, too! (because these look so cuuute) Any suggestions? :)


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