vegan parsley pesto

a bunch of parsley
olive oil
3 tbsp ground almonds 

 This is so so easy to make I can hardly call it a recipe, but for the sake of helping others who maybe wonder how to make your own pesto, here we go. You don't need much to make your own pesto and you can test different herbs:
  • some people follow the two cups herbs:one cup oil rule. I follow the: whatever-amount-you-have-and-looks-right rule. If you have pine kernels, parmesan (for a no)
  • I roughly cut the parsley bunch together with the stems, added olive oil to taste (to create a creamy pesto consistency) and the ground almonds, and blended well in a chopper/blender (you can use whatever tool you have available)
  • done done done :) this is not even three steps
  • store in a closed jar fridge for up to a week and use generously cause this thing is super healthy and yummy