food trends of the week #7

At times when the weather is getting better, who feels like cooking heavy stuff. I actually just play it on the lazy side and take as many vitamins in their pure and raw form. This doesn't change the fact that I am still kind of tired and have returned to napping as a source of an afternoon delight.

Let's see what other delightful stuff was added to the experience list of last week:
Grapefruit, grapes and blueberries

I am still waiting for my apricots and cherries of the season. In the meantime other healthy options include lots of fresh fruit in the morning. I am back to grapefruit since I read an article about it's many advantages and how it prevents ageing (along with a great list of other benefits too). Blueberries also also full of antioxidants and are great for a flat belly. 
Mangosteen fruits

I had no idea what these were until yesterday. My roommates just came back from a lovely vacation and they brought these fruits, which are juicy and tasty and distantly remind me of lychees, yet they are so different. The fruit has different sections, one of which is the main one with a seed in it. The babies are free of seeds ready to eat :) As an outer appearance, they remind me of little aubergines; you can't eat the shell, which i greatly regret, since it looks so nice :D but I saved a couple and will try to dry them.
Bakeshop, Prague

On the search for a cozy Saturday spot for a warm drink and chat, me and a friend of mine found this little French corner of sweets in the centre of the Old Town in Prague. All kinds of cookies, croissants and macarons tempt the eye from every corner of this place. I managed to order only a muesli cookie, while mentally devouring everything in the shop. I like discovering new and cute places to have coffee. Keeps the spirit of discoveries alive :)
non edible, but really yummy

To be honest, if I buy something that looks so yummy I could eat it, I actually do try to eat a bit :D just for the sake of the experiment - it doen't taste good at all in majority of the cases. I have had my hits though! The caramel body lotion that I bought in France, is so deliciously luring you. It smells really sweet if you like heavily scented body lotions, which I do. I don't use it every day, but there are days when I just feel like a walking cookie thanks to it ;) nom nom!


the "bake your own bread" initiative

This one deserves a special post and I will dedicate time to write about it soon. I can just say I was excited to scratch something off the wishlist and the result was really rewarding! so stay tuned for the cheese&olives bread recipe :)

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  1. This is so sweet! what do you say about following each other?:X

  2. Que rico me encanta lo dulces ,lindas figuras y frutas me encanta,su blog es alegre,felicitaciones,huga,huga.

  3. I love mangosteens and absolutely eat loads of them when I am on holiday in South East Asia! They are known as the Queen of Fruits and are very refreshing in hot weather! Also loving all those yummy cakes you have been baking!
    May x


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