quick and nutritious #1

I have so much to update, and somehow when you have friends visiting for the weekend, somehow all the recipes prepared during that time will be left in the great cookbook of memories

Tips for the week:

- let yourself discover the cream soup season... thanks to Alex :)

- make a new version of your favourite Bulgarian banitsa in unfavourable conditions to discover these little clouds of bliss!

- try the aubergine and tomatoes sandwich at Cafe Cafe in Prague!

- when cooking mushrooms in butter give them space to breathe, Julia Child's style :P

- enjoy the spinach yummy lasagne prepared by Josie

- don't forget the cookies ;)

-... in the end put everything in order

Have a good rest of the week! I promise to update you on what is going on with the recipes that I have prepared and I will also devote myself to a baking weekend :)