food trends of the week #6 plus an award :)

It's Fffffebruary... and yes it's cold in Prague, like everywhere in Europe these days. At least we are not swimming in snow and it's dry cold, but I couldn't feel more peachy and in the spring mood today :D... so, what do we eat in this cold weather? - chocolate vs healthy stuff in my case! :)

Ritter Sport the Spring collection

As I said I feel peachy :D and in the spring mood... I owe it to the white tulips who totally made my bad day (at work) more smiley and comfortable. In line with this after the winter collection, Ritter sport released the spring specialties in the three tastes of bourbon vanilla, crispy hazelnut and something like chocolate mousse. I saw the stand full of chocolate and whispered: "me haz to have them all!". I haven't opened any of them yet - recently i have noticed how I am turning into the chocolate collector :D

The carrot fluctuation

My carrot preferences vary across periods - sometimes I can't get enough of them! Welcome to the February carrot season - it is a healthy alternative to something far more nastier like chips (which is hidden deeply in my cupboard for when harder times strike). For now I am happy with my carrot, corn, niva cheese tasty good salad!... with a pinch of fresh lemon juice :)

Play-with-your-food time

I get inspired by lots of ideas from here: cute food for kids and I am sure I'm not the only one, so whenever I want to find an easy but incredibly sweet idea for something, I visit this place. I am not that successful in my attempts, doesn't let me stop from trying though... and I like carving mushrooms out of red apples - reminds me of The Smurfs, Little Red Riding Hood and Henzel and Gretel at the same time :D

... and now before this gets too long, I have no idea how/why/where/when, but it turns out bloggers that follow each other give away awards among their blogs. So this is my delayed thank you to Moni from Kochzauber, who gave me an award several months ago but since I was not in blogging mood then, I never managed to return the favour. The second award I received is from Akuma Kanji - the Versatile Blogger award. Thank you girls for that - now to fulfill the requests of this award I have to give you seven facts about myself and choose 15 other blogs to give it to...

1. I discovered my cooking craze because I had nothing to do at university for a trimester because of my courses choice and it all started with a form for chocolates...
2. As a kid I was obsessed with paper - all colours, all sizes, all textures... irony is I was never able to draw anything closely resembling a real object (still the best I can do are the planets), I still love a room full of paper
3. I learned how to bike when I was 20 years old after I bought a second hand bike in the Netherlands and had no other choice but to use it
4. Some of my favourite little joys in life: someone touching my hair, white tulips, fresh cherries and buttons! oh, buttons!
5. I have a small book where I reflect the moments when I feel happy that I like to read over when I feel down.
6. I have the habit of reading 3-4 books at a time, and never finishing any of them
7. I have one Winnie the Pooh plush toy that was given to me by my mom for a St. Nicholas day and it goes with me to all the countries I go and live in

And I would like to give the award to:


  1. More facts I didn't know about your persona! :P
    Hope you warned those people that you tagged along. :P


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