review: Prague

No recipe here... but I just cannot miss to share my experience of the 7 December 2011 when Rihanna and her crew rocked the O2 Arena in Prague as part of the Loud tour. I only was aware there will be a concert on the night we bough the tickets - two weeks before the event. And we got the last two places in the sector on the left of the stage (before the start, we moved a little bit from the original places and at some point she was as close as three metres :).

Rihanna herself conquered the stage with two hours delay, but before that Calvin Harris (yes, "We Found Love") was warming up, the the stage was tested and assembled. Rihanna is no longer a fire redhead, for the Prague concert she opted for the blond hairstyle she had for her November 2011 Vogue photoshoot and started the show off with "Only Girl" in an electric blue coat underneath which was a sexy colourfully studded outfit in two parts. 

In total she changed a lot of outfits and all of them theme-related. There was a dynamic part (the start) with songs like "Only Girl", "Disturbia", "Shut up an Drive", an outfit change into a tuxedo-like costume, which then revealed black and naughty outfit for songs like "S&M" and "Skin" (do I need to mention the body of the dancers on that song?! I think I was just speechless)....

"I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it ;)"

 and then... Rihanna Navy, the hard style, with some songs from the "Rated R" album such as "Hard". Later when she took the upper part of her coat she even went into the public...played the drums and performed "Run this town"

... by far my favourite part was the performance of slow songs where she appeared in a G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S yellow dress and even performed "Hate that I love you" in a collaboration with the guitarist acoustic style. I was sooooo feling it that Ne-Yo will jump from somewhere (well he did not, still - a great performance)

Then she appeared in cute shorts and a top for the flirty songs from the Loud album  - "What's my name" & "Cheers" (a shot and a pair of Ray-Bans thrown into the public were in order). In that outfit she was just fire - singing, dancing, flirting with the public (she even held the Czech flag for some time)... nothing could stop her :)... For the Czech Public she also played "Please don't stop the music", the video of this song by the way was shot in my favourite club in Prague :P

The final part started with "Love the Way You Lie" where she sang on a piano and the platform was rotating first then lifted high in the air

The concert ends with almost all the crew from the stage dancing and having fun (or at least looked that way) under the sounds of "We found love". Big applause to that same crew without which it simply would not be the same show. And I also got to touch the hands of some of the crew members. Hell yeah, I even got a picture with Lex ;) (who was so nice to climb the tribunes and talk to me for a while) :P

All in all... I loved it all and wanted more of that concert!... oh and by the way they disassembled the stage in a matter of minutes (this is how they roll in the background). I guess it was a pretty busy tour (she basically visited a country a day).