food trends of the week # 5

observation of the day: time flies! when did we end up in mid-December... I have no idea; self note: appreciate your days since they fly by so quickly... and eat whatever you feel like, we live only once anyway (yes I am soothing my guilty conscience for that bag of cheese balls :D who cares). But let's see what else was in my tummy this week :)

the salad series

Did I say I cannot live without corn... and cheese? Yes I cannot live without both, definitely! In my world of nutrition, these are separate food groups and they are essential :) Another thing that I love are salads - for me the perfect salad is an extremely colourful and jolly combination of colours and freshness with little pieces of treats that give you a sensation when you find them - pieces of cheese, good olives, croutons here and there to treat yourself for eating those green leaves:) Here you see one of my fav salads - the ladybird Juja is going over the hill to get to the flowers of ham and yes they met... eventually :D

babies, babies, babies

...not these babies. Just recently I have discovered my obsession with baby-sized food - so this week I had baby button mushrooms, baby carrots, baby sized corn, baby plum cherry tomatoes, baby tangerines.... yeah that pretty much sums it up. They are just soooo cuuute and cannot be passed in the store. Whenever I find a baby product I get it, why am I so addicted to the size of small I ask myself.. any suggestions? 

Dark chocolate with cocoa nibs

I love when I find pieces of somethings in my dark chocolate - may it be orange peel, nuts or cocoa nibs. Cocoa nibs are my favourite - if you let the chocolate melt in your mouth then all of the cocoa pieces are left and you can crash them between your front teeth for a slight bitter and very satisfying crunchy experience; as writing this I simply could not resist to eat another piece and let... it... melt :)

in the world of 3D gum

Honestly, when they started making every possible movie in 3D I was extremely annoyed, what is wrong with the old style of it, plus they charge more and the effect is not that breathtaking. Now, gums in 3D... wow. But I get it - here it simply means 3 flavours in one and I love both versions (strawberry/apple/raspberry and watermelon/melon/pineapple - I have a preference for the second taste). What is next in 3D, I am curious... NOT :D

* I only own the first image, the rest were selected from Google Images