the aperitivo platter of dreams

I have been dreaming of making this happen for months... it all started with Pinterest, on an uneventful summer day I was drooling over a picture of how to make the perfect instagramable (yes, that is a word now) platter and the main problem was - there were not such big wooden boards in Prague, or at least not some for a reasonable price.

This all got solved thanks to a trip to Brussels when a colleague gave us a lovely tour of Leuven and on the corner of one street the Dille & Kamille shop was just waiting for me, literally 7 minutes before closing time... So I quickly got the biggest cheese board I could find (it almost managed to fit in my small trolley, too) and finally I got to use it today for a Sunday lunch with friends and I put together the aperitivo platter of my dreams.

I will let you enjoy the variety of gorgeousness here :)

Appetizer board

arugula leaves (for a base) 
cheese selection (cheddar, brie, blue stilton)
cheese crackers
1 jar of hummus (sprinkled with olive oil and walnuts)
selection of Italian salamis and prosciutto ham
100g black pitted olives
100g nocellara green olives
cheese crackers
dried tomatoes
cherry tomatoes (red and orange)
variety of nuts - cashews. walnuts, pistachios
Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt

Along with that I have prepared some puff pastry sticks with sesame, super easy to prepare:
- just egg wash thin stripes of puff pastry
- sprinkle sesame of your choice
- twist and bake until puffed and golden.

Don't forget the aperitivo and enjoy! :)