DIY advent calendar

Monday around mid-day inspiration suddenly struck me and since on Tuesday there was a national holiday in the Czech Republic, I quickly assembled my DIY Tuesday project. I even managed to find the cutest labels (numbered 1-24) just by stopping by in a random homeware shop (and these things are usually not easy to find in Prague, believe me!). So I knew this was meant to happen!

(for well-behaved kids and enthusiastic grown-ups)

You will need:
assorted chocolates/candy (I used 48 pieces)
24 paper bags (mine were 20x12cm - folded in two)
24 numbered tags from 1-24 (mine i bought here)
burlap thread
colourful ribbons/lace with Christmas thematic
a pair of scissors

From then on is fairly easy and I leave it to your imagination: just pack the sweets and fold the bags in seemingly same size packages; tie with the thread, ribbons, attach the labels and you have your super cute advent calendar.

Just in time for December!