lavender pillows DIY

vacation memories are best when you put your hands and mind into them.. like really close; so that is why I decided to bring a bit of French Provence back home to give as gift to friends and keep in my own wardrobe

gifts, keep at home, hand-made cuties

for 6 you will need:
approx 150g lavender & lavandin buds
chiffon or other textile of your choice to make the pillows (6 squares of approx 23x23cm)
a pair of scissors
6*25 string of natural fibre
* after you have gathered your ingredients, it only gets super easy
* cut the chiffon into squares (i bought a roll of 47*200cm, so i cut 6 squares 23*23cm)
* cut the string (i left it longer so you could tie the pillows in the wardrobe)
* start filling the pillows by putting equal amounts of lavender in the centre of the chiffon square
* get together each of the corners of the square and form a little cute round pocket containing the lavender
* tie with the string in a bow tie and there you have them cutie pies