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Some people go to France for fashion, others for sightseeing, photography, the language, the fine wine and dining; I went for a vacation only to find myself captured by the magic of the kitchen appliances and tools there. One of the shops I visited was called CASA and the other one du Bruit dans la Cuisine. Needless to say I wanted to buy everything in them, but here is what I managed to limit myself to:

spoons & mini tray (as already seen in the apricot muffins recipe)
silicone sheets for preparing macarons, which also have and inner and out circle the inner one to limit the amount because it will then flow and reach the walls of the outer circle for perfectly even macarons every time; finally time for me to try the challenge of French macarons :)
baby ceramic cooking pots in purple and green :)
chocolate, oh so much chocolate...
polka dots and coral pink muffin cases
last but not least... my spring basket, it is not French, but it is very much self made by me :) for now it hosts my teas collection, but I love to put warm muffins in it and walk around the house like Bree van de Kamp offering fresh pastries from my homey basket :D


  1. Absolutely loved your shoppings! I am actually in love with them, the colours and sweetness of everything ^__^

    1. thanks so much :) I also thought the things are sweet so I gotta have them :D I am happy you also think like that :)))

  2. when I travel I buy postcards XD. hehe
    In portugal we have CASA aswell, I had no idea they had ir in France. :P


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