yummie of the day #2

super simple, yet very good-looking and tasty dessert
strawberries, cream, crunchy biscuits

what you need for 4 glasses:
220ml thick cream (30%)
2 tsp powder sugar
6 digestive biscuits
150-200g strawberries
favourite topping

for the chocolate spoons (makes 6)
silicone form for chocolate spoons
100g white chocolate
20g chopped toasted hazelnuts
all you need to do:
* put the cream and powder sugar in a bowl, beat with an electric mixer until firm peaks 
* crush the digestive biscuits and put in equal amounts on the bottom of the glasses
* make a second layer of whipped cream
* third layer: chopped strawberries 
* finally cover with cream again and sprinkle a favourite topping

for the chocolate spoons:
* melt chopped white chocolate on a water bath and pour the chocolate into the chocolate spoons forms
* run a knife's blade on the top of the chocolate form to remove any excess chocolate
* sprinkle chopped hazelnuts, put in the fridge and chill until the chocolate is hard enough and the spoons are easily removed

isolate yourself from the surroundings and enjoy this little glass of joy!

extra tip: if you are wondering how to get a set of glasses together, I collect IKEA candles and after they've burnt... I keep their glasses :)


  1. Your recipes and yumms are always so mouth watering! I must make these! :D


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