get in shape... chocolate shape

with so much chocolate... I don't know how long I can resist and just before spring, one can start looking like Winnie the Pooh, but yesterday I just could not resist not to buy the whole chocolate outlet, especially from the new Lindt series. In the end as it turned out I got 1.6 kg chocolate in the form of more than 10 types of different chocolate treats, of course not all of the chocolate will be simply eaten like that, I will use it in the future baking projects :)

and here is what I got:
- Cote d'Or milk chocolate with hazelnuts
- Lindt cream&cookies chocolate
- Lindt Lindor pick'n'mix
 - Chocolate sticks "Hello, my name is...":
* caramel nougat
* caramel brownie
* strawberry cheesecake

 - Lindt small chocolate bears

 - Lindt chocolate sticks
8 new series of chocolatey magic thingies that are so cute because they talk to you :
"Hello my name is..." and "Nice to sweet you" coming in 4 variations:
* caramel brownies
* cookies&cream
* strawberry cheesecake
* caramel nougat

- Lindt plum& cinnamon choc blocks
- one-bite-sized Toblerones


  1. Getting into good shape is even more important as you grow older. I am not saying you have to suddenly avoid chocolate, but add some physical exercises in your daily life

    1. Dear Travis,

      I appreciate your concern, which is totally justified. Nevertheless, please do not imagine me as an overweight mass of chocolate - my menu is rich on organic raw ingredients; this post was meant to relate to the fact that chocolate comes in many shapes - bears, bunnies, sticks, chocolate blocks plus in the end this is a baking blog, not a sports one :)


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