green Saturday

declaring today healthy day! I love weekend days when you manage to get up early and do lots of useful stuff, so you even have the time for a great meal, the house and yourself, so today is a smiley Saturday :)

on the menu:
- peach smoothie
- leafy salad with lots of little treats inside
for the salad you need:

4 big leaves "lola" salad
1/3 cucumber
chopped Greek Jumbo green olives
handful of toasted walnuts
40g blue cheese
black sesame seeds
olive oil
sprinkle of lemon juice
It is extremely easy to prepare and pays of with a variety of complementing tastes without being heavy on your consciousness :)
for the peach smoothie:

2 big peaches (yellow "meat")
250g milk
1 tbsp honey

First the peaches are processes into a smooth puree. Milk is added, finally the honey is dissolved into the drink. This makes for one real healthy and wonderful smoothie. I even think of freezing it and turning it into ice cream :)


  1. Ohhh, I must say I'm impressed by those weekend wonders! The peach smoothie is a must-do... It's peaces season after all, so I'm trying it as soon as I get home! :))

    1. thank you :) I decided to have way more smoothies in August :) watermelon coming up too :)


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