food trends of the week #8

it's summer...not that you can tell from Prague's weather; so this week instead of going out, sunbathing and stuff, I was devouring books and also planning which ones to read next, so my last week has not really been a "kitchen-driven" one; which us about to change tomorrow, since I gathered so much cooking inspiration in just one day; still my mind could not run away from foodies and temptations:
back to the roots

sometimes the magic is in it's the simplest things; last year i was longing for yellow cheese toasts, today i was hungry for the Bulgarian tomatoes/paprika/aubergine/carrot spread called лютеница (liytenitza); so a toast with this spread topped with Bulgarian white cheese can make the hard days go by easier, just because it brings so many nice memories; toast the bread, put the spread, sprinkle white cheese.. enjoy something that lived through generations :) it even made me remember how we made liytenitza at home - it took whole day on slow real fire for just 10 small jars of this miracle, my hair smelled of smoke week after, and that moment is still a priceless memory :)
black sesame

The last time I tasted sesame seeds, I promised to get myself a package right away, which has not been an esy task, but it was crowned with success today after finding a cute bio shop in the pouring rain on the Prague streets; now I just have to find the perfect recipe for it :)
cookery reading

As I said at the beginning, I came back to reading this week and since I have been researching on what to start next, I found this jewel that I want in my library; apparently the book discovers a cooking class and intertwines their personalities with food memories, spices and recipes; I don't know for you, but this sound mega, super, extremely interesting read-it-for-one-night-but-better-enjoy-one-page-at-a-time kind of a book, so once I finish with my list and the books i already have unopened, i will definitely reach out to "The School of Essential Ingredients"
DIY: croutons

leftover bread is the perfect opportunity to turn it into a croutons and use them in salads, soups; sprinkle spices to add more taste; make them more healthy by adding just a few droplets of olive oil and bake them in the oven, instead to fry them with more oil in the pan :)
on cookies and mysteries

this is a tin box, it currently holds cookies - 34 cookies to be exact, which is ultra disappointing considering the price and even though i knew i am gettin' this for the box and not for the cookies :) this box is smoothly matted on touch and praises very conveniently the UK cultural symbols; yes, I also get my times when I miss the UK, not because of the red buses, but because of their excellent baking sections in the supermarkets :) I consider to turn this box into my family value - I imagine one day my kids will hide little treasures in it... because this box can definitely keep your secrets... (if you don't believe me, just come and witness my struggle  when opening it :)