the mess in my head

Discovering new horizons is admirable, discovering blogging at the age of 21 is almost a shame. Nevertheless, I plunge into this new venture with the joy of a five-year-old with a big rainbow lolly and lots of sticky sugar on the cheeks. For the patience and encouragement to start, I truly thank my dedicated blogger - Karen or shall I call her Shinigami_U :) (this is so going on my blog!)

Inspired by cooking, sugar, chocolate, sunny life moments and the joy of friendship, I am a girl with a looooot of things on my mind: gummy bears, yellow buttons, vanilla yogurt, milk lila nail polish, summer dresses, dissertation (fortunately finished now), cookies, high heels, carrot hearts, ballerinas, tulips, travelling, graduation, Air France, butterflies, fluffy softy thingies, movies, spoons, bows, warm cherry muffins, body lotion, vacation, friends, shells on the seaside, accessories, enriching books, and much more. So, this blog is about them - the mess in my head involves stories, adventures, unexpected joys, and tales with a special twist to my super passion to prepare little sweets and wonders (because I sometimes truly wonder what I put in there :D).


  1. First of all.... FIRST hehe.
    Welcome to Blogger shus. There's no problem in discovering Blogger at 21, I started also with 21 I think.... back in the year 2007 :P


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